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Top Hands Horse Show

Here is the full list of results from our clients' Top Hands Horse Show classes and photos from the awards ceremony we hosted at Inspiration Ranch.

Congratulations again to our riders for all that they accomplished!

English Equitation

Class 10/ Division C1

Carlos Valencia - 1st

Mia Kayne - 3rd

Class 11/ Division C1

Cadie Darnell - 1st

Class 12/ Division C1

Amber House - 1st

Class 13/Division B

Maddie Lee - 1st

Ainsley Alley - 3rd

Western Horsemanship

Class 21/Division B

Branden Kline - 5th

Class 23/Division B1

Janelle King - 1st


Class 56/Division B

Branden Kline - 1st

Maddie Lee - 2nd

Ainsley Alley - 3rd

Class 57/Division B

Ainsley - 2nd

Class 59/Division B1

Janelle King - 2nd

Class 66/Division C1

Carlos Valencia - 1st

Class 67/Division C1

Mia Kayne - 1st

Cadie Darnell - 6th


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