Meet the Team

MG Tindall


Hometown: Houston, TX

Favorite Food: Cheese Enchiladas

The Movie I'll Never Say No To Watching: The Princess Bride

Irrational Fear: Restaurant Buzzers

Jared Follmer

Senior Ranch Hand

Hometown: Tomball, TX

Favorite Food: Asain or BBQ (ASAIN BBQ?)

If I could add one fictional character to my family it would be: Winnie the Pooh

I recently discovered that: My family has been in Texas since the 1860's. (Hiram Estes)

Sheila Greaver

Vice President of Development & Communications

Hometown: Newville, PA

Endorphin Triggers: Antiquing, Art Fair, Decorating Cakes

Irrational Fear: Running out of water. I carry multiple bottles of H20 at all times.

Recent Discovery: My gray hairs do not look like highlights.

Ashley Hamlin

Grant & Development Coordinator

Hometown: Perdido Key, Florida

A Funny Fact About Me: I rescued a Betta fish from a centerpiece and now he has a 10-gallon tank, 2 caves, 5 plants, a filter, a heater, and a sunken pirate ship. And a pet snail. I also have a rescue dog that's completely spoiled. 

3 Unusual Things That Make Me Happy: Gorditas, Willa Cather books, and being an Auntie.

Worst Fad I Participated In: The 80s/90s perm fad. Awful. 


Ranch Cat

Sponsored by: The Village Vet

Hometown: The Woodlands, TX

Favorite Food: Catnip

Interesting Fact: Despite being a full-time resident of Inspiration Ranch, Lily has yet to work one billable hour.


Ranch Cat

Sponsored by: The Village Vet

Hometown: Magnolia, TX

Favorite Hobby: Waiting for people to walk by and pert her.

Interesting Fact: Inspiration Ranch was gifted Mercy by the original owners of our property. 

Virgil Maier

Ranch Hand

Nicole Martof

Senior Equine Coordinator

Hometown: Bakerfield, CA

Bucket List Item: Watch Sharks While in a Shark Cage

Irrational Fear: Getting Shots

As a Kid, I Wanted to be: A Pilot in Space (Battlestar Gallactica)

Marie McIntosh

PATH Int'l Registered Instructor


Hometown: St. Louis, MO

An interesting fact: I buy a new comforter whenever I'm sad

The movie I’ll never say no to watching is… Forrest Gump

I recently discovered that: I do not have the hand-eye coordination to knit


Cole Moxley

Ranch Hand

Hometown: Crystal Lake, IL

If I could pick a superpower it would be: Moving things with my mind, because getting out of bed to turn off the lights is the worst.

As a kid, I wanted to be: A paleontologist 

If I had a boat, I’d name it: The Kales

Kali Moxley

Events & Marketing Coordinator

Hometown: Crystal Lake, IL

Favorite Food: Sushi

Funny Fact: Will do anything it takes to get my groceries into my apartment in one trip.

Irrational Fear: Opening crescent roll containers

Amy Nelson

PATH Int'l Registered Instructor

Hometown: Spring, TX

Interesting Fact: Number 7 out of 8 Siblings

Unusual Talent: Makes Pop-Up Cards, Horse Halters, Reins, and Lead Ropes

Slightly Addicted to: The Color Blue

Brennan Powers

Ranch Hand

Debbie Shannon

Executive Administrator

Hometown: Houston, TX

Interesting Fact: I have over 700 books in my library

3 Unusual Things That Make Me Happy: Hot chocolate with a bag of marshmallows, old Jerry Lewis movies, the smell of carnations.  

The Movie I’ll Never Say no to Watching is: The Man in the Iron Mask

Lisa Skinner

Instructor in Training 

Hometown: Princeton, IL

Unusual Talent: Love dancing salsa/merengue

What, or who, are you a “closet” fan of? The Young and the Restless

Worst fad you participated in? Mood Rings and Overalls

I’d rather walk barefoot over legos than…Vacuum my car!

Amanda Thomas

Property Supervisor


Hometown: Olney, TX

Insatiable Love: Learning about other cultures

I'd Rather Walk Barefoot Over Legos Than: Eat Fish

Endorphin Triggers: Ice Cream on a Cold Day, Seeing Other People Happy, Toe Socks

Lacy Triplett

Equine Assistant

Kim Vest

Operations Director

Hometown: Odessa, TX

Favorite Food: Potato Chips

A funny fact about me is… I am a horrable speler

The movie I’ll never say no to watching is: Jaws

Interesting Fact: I’ve spent over 500 hours underwater

Jenn Vincent

Volunteer Coordinator

HR Manager


Hometown: Deer Park, TX

I have an insatiable love for: Crawfish & Raw Oysters

Pet Peeve:  When bathroom exhaust fans are left on!

What are you a “closet” fan of?  The Bachelor/Bachelorette (DON'T TELL ANYONE PLEASE, LOL!)

Worst fad you participated in:  Blue eye shadow up to my eyebrows

Logan Vincent


Emily Wilson

Equine Assistant

Hometown: El Paso, TX

Favorite Food: Pistachio Ice Cream

An Item on my Bucket List: To visit Egypt and the Museum of Antiquities.

What are you a “closet” fan of?  The Rambo and Rocky movies.

I Have an Insatiable Love for: Classic Cars

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