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Inspiration Ranch provides unparalleled personal advancements and results for people with special needs. While riding, the client must repeatedly respond to the horse's rhythmic movement, which stimulates the muscular and nervous systems; promoting change in the rider's strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, social behavioral responsiveness, sensory processing, and confidence.

God designed a horse's gait to mimic our walk.

The photo on the left reveals something remarkable. When the horse's walking away, you can see what a client experiences while riding. The horse's left pelvis is tilted down as it is being walked out of the barn. The very next step would cause the horse's right hip to drop...and so the sway of the horse's hips rise and fall with each step. The four-beat pattern of a horse's gait in repetitive motion mimics a child's hips moving up and down with each step.


Imagine how beneficial this repetitive motion would be for muscle memory when a child has difficulty with their gait or stability while walking. Or when mobility is due to disease or neuro difficulties. For a child in a wheelchair, a gentle rocking motion (mimicking one's pelvis while walking) can help strengthen the core and aid in future mobility or increase muscles to build core strength. This increased strengthening allows for a greater level of independence when learning to live life in or out of a wheelchair.

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