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Therapeutic Riding

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Participants with a wide array of physical and cognitive disabilities are welcome to join this exceptional program. Therapeutic riding lessons are planned with the individual’s physical, social, educational, cognitive, and recreational goals in mind. An integrated team that includes a Professional Associated of Therapeutic Horsemanship (PATH Int.) - certified instructor and dedicated volunteers work with the rider to promote the success, the freedom, and the dignity that can be experienced through therapeutic horsemanship. It is our passion to expand our clients’ abilities and help them to reach their greatest levels of independence.

Benefits Include:

  • Improvement in cognitive skills

  • Improvement in social skills

  • Improvement in behavioral skills

  • Increased emotional well-being

  • Reduction of sensory disorders

  • Increased self-esteem

  • ​​Increased balance and motor control

  • Increased coordination

  • Increased focus and learning capacity

  • Increased physical strength

Lessons are designed with the individual rider's goals and needs in mind. Classes are 30-60 minutes in length and clients attend once a week. All potential participants undergo a comprehensive intake process that involves completing registration forms, including a physician's release form and an evaluation. Horses and students are matched to complement the client's personality, ability, and developmental needs.

Therapeutic Riding serves people with, but are not limited to:

Autism, Attention Deficit Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Delay, Down Syndrome, Hearing and Vision Impairment, Learning Disabilities, Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, and Speech Delay.

Ground lessons are also available for individuals that cannot receive a physician's release to ride.

To get the process started, click below: 
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We are currently accepting new applicant applications. Please know there is a waitlist.
Please email us for additional information.

Darlene Cary, Therapeutic Riding Program Manager

PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor, CTRI

CHA Instructor of Riders with Disabilities, Level 3

Equine-Assisted Academics


This summer, our pilot academic program primarily served children with autism and dyslexia. It exceeded all expectations. We witnessed profound improvement in students' decoding, fluency, and phonetic awareness. 

This program is in response to the increased digitization of education. Students spend much more time in the virtual world, on screens and inside. We bring the classroom into the barn and provide students the opportunity to connect with people, horses, and their environment while solidifying their academic foundation.

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We are currently assessing interests and opportunities to contribute to the learning communities in our area.
Please email below for additional information.

MG Tindall, President & CEO

Mental Health Program

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Ready for the Next Step?

Email our Mental Health Program Manager 
to see if TF-EAP fits you, your child,
or a family member.

Equine-Assisted Mental Health & Learning

Inspiration Ranch recognizes that to meet the mental health needs of Montgomery County and the Greater Houston region, we must be strategic, forward-thinking, and compassionate in our approach to mental health care. And so, we offer our herd of horses to you to help with learning and healing.

Our Equine-Assisted Mental Health Program is a trauma-focused and trauma-informed model based on the principles of Natural Lifemanship. Natural Lifemanship believes that secure, healthy relationships are the foundation for all healing and uses Trauma-Focused Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy (TF-EAP) to help clients learn to build healthy relationships and understand the power that those healthy relationships have to let them heal from harmful life experiences.

Benefits of TF-EAP include:

  • Increased self-confidence

  • Increased ability to control emotions and calm the body

  • Increased ability to connect with yourself and others

  • Identify and change relationship pattern

This program will guide you through building a relationship with a horse by a specially trained team of a Mental Health Professional, an Equine Expert, and the horse itself. The relationship-building process will help you understand how your life experiences have shaped how your brain functions. It then teaches you to build new pathways in your brain to heal relationships with yourself, others, and the world around you.  

Our horses are vital partners on the therapy team. Horses react quickly and authentically to subtle shifts in human respiration, body language, voice tone, muscle tension, and posture. They are invaluable as relationship partners because they provide immediate and non-judgmental feedback about the impact of our interactions with them. Becoming familiar with a horse’s feedback forms the foundation for change that promotes healing and the development of secure relationships with yourself and others in your life. The same skills and principles you learn in your relationship with a horse apply to all human relationships.

Additional Mental Health Resources

If you, or someone you love, needs help now, call 9-1-1.

Private Therapist: Suicide Practitioner

Whitcomb Terpening, MSW, LCSW-S


Located in Spring. Also does telehealth


Private Therapist: Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Janet Nicholas, MA, LPC, LCDC


Offices located in The Woodlands; Equine-Therapy located in Tomball

Amanda Martin

Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy

Special Cheers

12570 Clay Road, Houston, TX 7041

Beverly Walsh, PhD

Brookside Ranch


Located in the Pearland area


Private Therapist: Family, Marriage, and Individual Therapy.

EMDR certified

Amanda Martin, PhD, LMFT-S


Located in Katy and Sugar Land

Will also soon begin Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy in the Cypress area

Mosaics of Mercy

Helping Families Navigate Mental Health & Addiction Recovery

33114 Forest West Street
Magnolia, TX 77354

Phone: (346) 703-0051

Texas Education Agency

Counseling, Advising, and Student Supports

1701 North Congress Avenue

Austin, TX 78701-1401

School Counseling – FAQs

Several therapists, providing diverse services

Clinical Director: Melanie Flint, LCSW

Located in central Houston and in northwest Houston on Cypresswood


Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare-Psychiatrists
and Therapists Available-Takes Medicaid

Routine Services: 800-550-8408

Crisis Hotline: 800-659-6994

Psychiatric Emergency Treatment Center:
706 FM 2854 (also known as Old Montgomery Road/Metcalf Street) Conroe, TX 77301

Serves individuals living in Montgomery, Walker, and Liberty counties


Tri-County Behavioral Healthcare - Free Counseling

Adriana Matthews
COVID-19 Crisis Counseling Outreach Worker

Tel: 936-521-6179

Crisis Line: 1-800-659-6994


Dr. Terry Hugg-(281-893-4111) (17115 Red Oak Dr; Ste 109; Houston, TX 77090)

Dr. Roopa Challapalli-281-465-9300 (

Dr. Pacificah (281-651-8474) (Equanimity Behavioral

Kingwood Psychiatry; 281-358-5701

Dr. Nora Bailey at Woodlands Psychiatry; 832-458-1344

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