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Our Riders

Inspiration Ranch’s mission is to partner horses with people to transform lives and help them reach their highest ability.

Inspiration Ranch currently serves 100+ riders each week as a part of our therapeutic riding program. Therapeutic riding lessons are planned with the individual’s physical, social, educational, cognitive, and recreational goals in mind. It is our passion to expand our clients’ abilities and help them to reach their greatest levels of independence.


Why your funding is vital

100% of the special needs children who receive vital therapeutic riding from Inspiration Ranch are the beneficiaries of Inspiration Ranch’s Tuition Assistance Program. 
The cost per client, per ride, is $250, while the maximum charge to ALL families is just $50 a lesson.  It remains the mission of the Board of Directors to maintain the lowest possible weekly riding fee for the long-term benefit of our special needs families.  It is our commitment to never allow financial hardship to be a reason to keep a child from receiving life-changing equine therapeutic riding.

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