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Your generous gift will inspire change.

With a single gift to Inspiration Ranch,
you're investing in changing a life. 

A first-time or single gift provides an opportunity to change a life like a long-term donor. Regardless of size, your gift is critical in helping us reach our goals of pulling more clients off the waitlist and getting them the assistance they deserve through our program. Your gift WILL help. 

Our cost is $250 per therapeutic riding session every time a client is on a horse. However, we don't pass that cost onto the client's families. We ask our client families to pay just $50 per session. However, with rising medical costs and economic challenges, many of our families can't afford to pay the $50. So, this is where your gift has a big impact. Your gift becomes the gap for our families who struggle to pay for their children's sessions. Your gift becomes the lifeline for them to have a better quality of life.

On behalf of our families, we thank you for your generosity.


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