Adopt a Horse

Your 12 month adoption covers the cost of hay, medical, supplements, and grooming care for one horse for an entire year. Your gift includes a plaque on the horses stall with your name, a feed bucket with your name, and notecards with your sponsored horses’ picture.

$5,800 / Year
$1,450 / Quarter
$484 / Month

Horses are known for their unique way of breaking down sensitive barriers and establishing profound connections with the children and youth at Inspiration Ranch. Their keen senses allow them to mirror the moods and emotions of those around them creating awareness and deeper levels of interaction. This is especially true for those challenged with limited motor skills and cognitive abilities, or for those needing a unique way to heal. Our herd is the catalyst we use for special individuals to achieve emotional, behavioral and physical milestones that may otherwise be unattainable.

Adopted By: David and Bonnie Weekley


Past Life: Bob used to be a team roping horse 

Interesting Fact: He is our only horse with 2 blue eyes 

Interests: Loves to roll in the water and enjoys trail rides 

Best Friend: Shaq.  

Waiting for Adoption


Interesting Fact: Cheif is our smallest horse on the property at 12 hands tall 

Interests: Prefers to keep the company of large horses. 

Best Friend: Jordan

Waiting for Adoption


Best Friends: Bob and Shaq. 

In Therapeutic Riding: He is a confidence builder for riders learning to go off lead. 

Character: He is a people-horse! He waits at the fence to watch people/activities.  

Interesting Fact: He is our most observant horse

Adopted By: Chevron Phillips Chemical


Interesting Fact: Loves to swim in the pond! 

In Therapeutic Riding: She is the most popular horse at shows.  

Past Life: Former hunter/jumper pony. 

Boyfriend: Quito.  

Adopted By: Anonymous


Past Life: Barrel Racing. 

Best Friends: Ivy.  

Character: Gentle-spirited

Used in our EAL program. 

Waiting for Adoption


Best Friend: Feeby

Interesting Fact: Has one blue eye. 

Interests: Enjoys trail riding and likes her space.

Used in our EAL program. 

Waiting for Adoption


Boyfriend: Chief. Their ideal “date” is a shared hay net.  

Past Life: Competitive Trail

In Therapeutic Riding: Dependable and solid for all riders in the therapeutic riding setting; matches riders skill levels well.  


Adopted By: The Sloop Family


Girlfriend: Feather. 

Interesting Fact: Has the most accurate internal timer for when lessons are over. 

Interests: Loves scratches on his chest. 

In Therapeutic Riding: He is perfect for riders who need the highest level of support and is very patient for riders who are unbalanced.  


Adopted By: Strike LLC


Character: Our most confident horse and acts like a horse, not a pony.

Interests: Always looking for food. 

Interesting Fact: Would be the first to order a snack subscription box! 

He has the most luscious locks of mane! 

Waiting for Adoption


Past Life: Endurance Racing

Interesting Fact: Sayed is blind in 1 eye. 

Interests: Loves to play with toys, cones, and in the water hose (sprinkler). 

In Therapeutic Riding: Solid walk/trot/canter horse. Great mount for independent riders.  

Waiting for Adoption


Best Friend: Bob. 

Herd Leader – the most dominant horse in the pasture. 

Interests: Will play soccer with you (he kicks the ball). 

Interesting Fact: First one in for breakfast every day. 

Adopted By: Carlton, Hofferkamp, and Jenks Wealth Management


Boyfriend: Titan 

Interesting Fact: Our only palomino

Character: One of our quietest, most peaceful horses. 

In Therapeutic Riding: Has the ability to look out for her rider’s balance and match their ability. She is a solid mount to teach riders independence 

Titan Square2.jpg

Adopted By: Coulson Tough Elementary School


Girlfriend: Stormy. 

Past Life: Dressage career. 

Interesting Fact: Our only pure warmblood in the herd. 

Used is our EAL program. 


Waiting for Adoption


Best Friend: Frito. 

Past Life: Racehorse (retired). 

Interesting Fact: One of Inspiration Ranch’s first horses.

In our EAL program.  

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