Adopt a Horse

Your 12 month adoption covers the cost of hay, medical, supplements, and grooming care for one horse for an entire year. Your gift includes a plaque on the horses stall with your name, a feed bucket with your name, and notecards with your sponsored horses’ picture.

$5,800 / Year
$1,450 / Quarter
$484 / Month

Horses are known for their unique way of breaking down sensitive barriers and establishing profound connections with the children and youth at Inspiration Ranch. Their keen senses allow them to mirror the moods and emotions of those around them creating awareness and deeper levels of interaction. This is especially true for those challenged with limited motor skills and cognitive abilities, or for those needing a unique way to heal. Our herd is the catalyst we use for special individuals to achieve emotional, behavioral and physical milestones that may otherwise be unattainable.


Adopted by:

Bonnie and David Weekley


Adopted by:
Coulson Tough Elementary


Adopted by: Strike LLC.


Adopted by: The Sloop Family


Adopted by: Connie Goers


Adopted by: The Bellaire Family


Adopted by: The Anderson Family


Adopted by: Carlton, Hofferkamp and Jenks Wealth Management


Adopted by: Neil and Marianne Duffin

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