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I Am Kenley's Person

I love that Kenely feels like I am “her person.” Because I am.

I’m Rebecca’s person too. Rebecca is strong enough for a bigger horse, but she doesn’t like their height, so she stays with me. And together, we work on her independence. Every week she rides more of her session by herself, without a leader.

And I am Ava’s person. Ava doesn’t speak, but I can feel her joy.

Every week, I get to work with eleven of our therapeutic riding clients, and I get the opportunity to feel the change in them. Because I am small, sturdy, and quiet, I often get beginners, and I get the joy of watching them grow out of me.

I love the new clients. I love feeling the initial growth and change in their strength.

We are trying to add 52 more new clients for my herd mates and me to work with, but we have to have the funds to do that.

Please donate to help us add more clients:


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