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Why your support is critical to Martha.

At Inspiration Ranch, we believe in the healing power of horses.  While riding, clients repeatedly respond to the horse’s rhythmic movement, which stimulates the muscular and nervous systems.  This stimulation leads to improvements in strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and more.   


One shining example is Martha, whose journey mirrors the blossoming flowers of spring.  Thanks to our team of certified instructors, dedicated volunteers, and very special equine partners, Martha and others like her are experiencing positive changes in their physical and cognitive abilities every day.   


Our goal is for families never to bear the full cost of an entire therapeutic session.  We rely on gifts from donors like you to fund 75% of the direct costs of our therapeutic riding program.  You can become their gift of hope. Your gift can bridge the gap and answer the prayers of so many.  

Thank you for being a vital part of Martha's next Season of Growth!

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Inspiration Ranch strengthens children, youth, and adults striving to overcome their physical, emotional, and social disabilities with therapeutic riding and equine-assisted therapy and activities. Each week, over 100 special needs children and youth ride in our therapeutic riding program to strengthen their core muscles, improve their walking, and elevate their ability to communicate. Through our Mental Health Program, we reach people who have suffered severe emotional trauma. It’s here, on our 40-acre ranch, that we help them learn new boundaries, and skills and overcome obstacles. 


While it’s evident that these programs are vastly different, the common thread is the highly trained and skilled horse coupled with the compassionate staff. We invite clients into an arena with horses to facilitate the therapeutic process. As a result, our clients can gain strength and insight into their nonverbal communication and behavior patterns. A non-judgmental and keenly trained horse can instinctively analyze and react to our body language and other nonverbal cues. They possess the remarkable gift to assess a situation quickly and encourage interaction – no matter the hurdle to overcome.


Every day, the team at Inspiration Ranch strives to break down stigmas, and barriers and celebrates the inclusion of individuals who strive to reach new goals. We provide exceptional equine-assisted therapy and activities in a loving Christian environment. 

Aired on "Houston Life", August 28, 2023

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