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Here are some of the questions we have heard and our best answers for moment!

Why Did Inspiration Ranch Leave Panther Creek?

After a diligent two-year search and a great deal of prayer and thoughtful consideration, the Inspiration Ranch Board and leadership determined that we needed to find a new home. Our programs have reached their capacity, and we are unable to accommodate new clients or horses based on our limited acreage. In addition to growth challenges, our home in The Woodlands sustained three devastating floods since 2016. White Bridge Farm also offers ample space that is properly configured for our programs, which will allow our programs to grow.

Why Did You Select White Bridge Farms?

The White Bridge property is an incredible oasis that will support our mission and daily work, including:

- Increased Acreage: With 40 acres of land we will be able to grown both of our programs by add- ing horses to our herd, reducing our wait list, and growing our Therapeutic Riding and Mental Health programs to serve the needs of Montgomery County.

- Existing Facilities: Our work requires a unique infrastructure that includes barns, fenced paddocks, and administrative space, and this combination is a rare find. Smart renovation of existing facilities is allowing Inspiration Ranch to quickly transition to our new property. We plan to be up and running by the end of summer 2019!

- Elevation: White Bridge is at one of the highest points in Montgomery County! Staff will no longer have to worry about flooding and evacuating our horses and instead their sole focus can return to supporting our clients as they work to reach their individual goals and milestones.

Will Children Still be on the Waitlist?

We are currently working to add additional staff and horses so that we can significantly reduce the 53 children on our wait list once we settle into the new property. The goal would be to cut the wait list by half by the end of 2019. In order to best maximize our existing staff and to reduce any strain increased enrollment may have on our beloved horses, we plan to grow our program’s capacity by adding horses to the herd and staff and volunteers to our team. In order to execute this most responsibly, we will take a slow and deliberate approach, fully evaluating every change to ensure it is best for our clients, staff, volunteers and horses.

Will the Move Temporarily Impact Your Programs?

No. Inspiration Ranch is still serving our clients and their families through our Therapeutic Riding and Mental Health programs at our Woodlands location. Our staff has developed a highly customized plan to ensure as much continuity as possible for our clients during the move.


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