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About Inspiration Ranch

Inspiration Ranch exists to strengthen children, youth, and adults striving to overcome their physical, emotional, and social disabilities with Therapeutic Riding and equine-assisted therapy and activities. Each week, children and youth ride in our Therapeutic Riding Program to physically and emotionally strengthen their core muscles, improve their walking, and elevate their ability to communicate. Through our Mental Health Program, a trauma-focused and trauma-informed model, Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy helps clients learn to build healthy relationships and understand the power that those healthy relationships have to let them heal from harmful life experiences.

Sponsor Jon

The Ranch is run by some very close friends of Sweet Bear and I. Over the last several years, I’ve had the opportunity to visit several times and help them create videos that tell the stories of incredible transformation that take place there. For me, 2020 is “the year of the other”, in which I want to have a preferential focus on the marginalized and left out. The Ranch is a place where the vulnerable are seen, served, and transformed. I’m proud to partner with them, and I hope you’ll help me help them help others.

Our goal is to raise $3000 to scholarship a rider for a year.

- Jon Jorgenson


Thank You!

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