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Inspiration Ranch - where hope, renewal, and inspiration come alive.

Hope lives in Inspiration Ranch through the transformative power of our programs, the dedication of staff and volunteers, and the unique bond between our clients and horses. Our renowned programs empower children, youth, and adults to overcome physical, emotional, and social challenges, instilling a renewed sense of possibility in each participant. Each week, over 100 special needs children and youth participate in our therapeutic riding program, which enhances their core strength, improves mobility, and fosters better communication. Our Mental Health Program supports individuals who have endured severe emotional trauma, helping them establish new boundaries, develop skills, and conquer obstacles.


Within our 40-acre sanctuary, clients engage with horses to facilitate their therapeutic journey. These non-judgmental and intuitive animals quickly interpret body language and nonverbal cues, encouraging meaningful interactions and personal growth. Our highly trained horses, working in tandem with our compassionate staff and dedicated volunteers, create a unique environment for renewal and healing.


At Inspiration Ranch, we are dedicated to breaking down stigmas and barriers, promoting inclusion, and celebrating everyone’s achievements. We deliver exceptional equine-assisted therapy and activities within a loving Christian environment, inspiring our clients to reach new heights every day. The synergy between our staff, volunteers, and horses fosters an atmosphere where hope, renewal, and inspiration thrive.

Aired on "Houston Life", August 28, 2023

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