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Our son, Kevin, was born with a rare and disabling genetic disorder. We learned that many children with the same disorder either die at a very young age or live a life where mobility is severely restricted, and mental capabilities are often limited to the existence of screams, grunts, and other non-verbal forms of expression. As Kevin’s parents, we made many difficult decisions because family needs and bills do not diminish – they explode!  

Kevin would be raised to be his very best, and to do so would require him to overcome many significant medical, physical and mental challenges. Kevin approaches each moment in life full of energy, love, compassion, and absolute dedication to helping others. Kevin’s journey to becoming his best is a never-ending endeavor with countless specialists, caregivers, teachers, counselors, friends, therapists and family.  

Inspiration Ranch is a comprehensive therapeutic experience where the mind and body are taught to work together in the most loving and safest way possible. Without therapeutic riding, Kevin would not be where he is today—physically or mentally. No other therapy fully ties mental, social, physical, community and personal development into a real-world experience. Therapeutic riding clients are taught to make decisions, listen to and follow instructions, maintain a mental focus, and develop and expand physical capabilities while developing a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.  

We cannot think of another therapy that consistently provides measurable benefits anywhere close to what Inspiration Ranch provides. Furthermore, we have observed that the benefits of therapeutic riding significantly enhance the foundation which other therapies can build upon. 

Our loved and special ones often have minimal opportunities to become their very best.
Inspiration Ranch is a crown jewel in doing so much with what appears to be the simple exercise of giving special children a chance to ride a horse.  

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Inspiration Ranch exists to strengthen children, youth, and adults striving to overcome their physical, emotional, and social disabilities with therapeutic riding and equine-assisted therapy and activities. Each week over 100 special needs children and youth ride in our therapeutic riding program to physically strengthen their core muscles, improve their walking, and elevate their ability to communicate. Through our Mental Health Program, we reach people that have suffered severe emotional trauma. It’s here, on our 40-acre ranch, that we help them learn new boundaries, skills and overcome obstacles. 


While it’s evident that these programs are vastly different from one another, the common thread is the highly trained and skilled horse coupled with the compassionate staff. We invite clients into an arena with horses to facilitate the therapeutic process. As a result, our clients can gain strength and insight into their nonverbal communication and behavior patterns. A non-judgmental and keenly trained horse can instinctively analyze and react to our body language and other nonverbal cues. They possess the remarkable gift to assess a situation quickly and encourage interaction – no matter the hurdle to overcome.


Every day, the team at Inspiration Ranch strives to break down stigmas, barriers and celebrates the inclusion of individuals that strive to reach new goals. We provide exceptional equine-assisted therapy and activities in a loving Christian environment. 

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