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Meet our Horses


Do you have a potential
Inspiration Ranch Horse?

We are always looking for new horses to add to our herds.
Are you interested in donating, selling, or leasing your horse to Inspiration Ranch?  Please fill out the form here.


At Inspiration Ranch we know that our horses provide the healing that our participants and families need and cannot find in another therapeutic setting. We honor our horses by maintaining an approach of partnership, focusing on their well-being and positive relationships between them and our volunteers, clients, and staff. By doing so, we hope to keep our horses happy, healthy, and healing our families for many years!

Horses thrive when their care, handling and environment is consistent and suited to their individual needs.


We use the following guidelines to ensure our herd are happy, healthy, and ready for their lessons:

Boarding – Inspiration Ranch’s horses live outside 24/7 in a herd environment. We have large pastures as well as a dry lot track so that we can change their turnout based on each horse.

Handling – Staff members work with volunteers on a regular basis, so the complete team has a similar approach to horse handling that focuses on safety, partnership, confidence, and FUN!

Hoof Care – Inspiration Ranch’s horses are maintained on a 6-week schedule to ensure they are comfortable and sound. Our farrier works closely with a veterinarian to best trim each horse.

Diet - Horses' digestive systems are designed for constant nibbling; our horses have access to coastal hay at all times and are supplemented with grain and supplements.

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