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In Loving Memory of

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Amber Faith Dawson

Amber always had an attraction to horses. Everyone who knew her knew about her horse, Starlite, known as “Booboo.”  She always knew that Starlite was helping other kids and adults, which made her extremely happy.  She posted pictures of herself loving on Booboo just days before she passed.

This bond and love for horses inspired her family's vision to ask that Amber's memory be strengthened through a gift to Inspiration Ranch.

Each week, over 100 special needs children and youth ride in Inspiration Ranch's therapeutic riding program to physically strengthen their core muscles, improve their walking, and elevate their ability to communicate. Through our Mental Health Program, we reach people who have suffered severe emotional trauma. It’s here, on our 40-acre ranch, that we help these precious lives learn new boundaries and skills and overcome obstacles. 

Amber’s Dream


She looks so peaceful when she sleeps

Our tiny little angel

This mystery child from God’s own heart

Makes time stand still as she whisks us frantically

Toward worlds unknown


She makes that clicking sound with her tongue

And I must pause and wonder,

Wonder if somehow she knows the secret details

Of the face of God, the God who holds her,

Strives with her, while we all strive with the haunting clutch of fate


And yet, she sleeps in peace,

And I envy every breath

No, not the shallow, painful pants,

But the deep life-giving sighs, convinced that in her dream,

She rides a bold, majestic, milk-white steed,

Across the winds of time, into a place, only God knows

And for a time, in His caress,

Her joy is full, her pain is less

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