Mental Health Program

Equine Assisted Mental Health & Learning

Inspiration Ranch recognizes that in order to meet the mental health needs of Montgomery County and the Greater Houston area we have to be strategic, forward-thinking, and compassionate in our approach to mental health care. The Mental Health Program provides Equine Assisted Learning to three distinct groups. Our partnerships include local organizations serving at-risk youth, survivors of domestic sex-trafficking, battered and homeless women, and young adults that have aged out of the foster care system. 


This program seeks to create positive peer engagement, foster social integration, build life skills, and help create a sense of belonging. Often the program topics and discussions with these emotionally fragile participants promote feelings associated with past hurts and deep emotional trauma. Participants know that sharing of their past hurts and wounds is vital to the growth and development of new coping skills, especially when cultivated over time in a loving and compassionate environment - free of judgment. Ultimately, safe and stable social integration is the goal of all our Mental Health Program participants. Together, our horses and instructors teach these hurting individuals how to incorporate program elements into their daily lives so they can be healthy, happy, and ultimately productive members of society.

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