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The draft amended Bylaws have been reviewed by legal counsel and the Executive Committee.  This updated addresses the bullets discussed and accepted at the January 2019 Board Retreat.  


For information purposes, the Bylaws address the basic intent for the formation of the ranch and general guidelines; all of which fulfill the regulatory requirements for a nonprofit.  To further define the Bylaws, we are working on new/updated Policy Statements and additional Guidance Documents for the board and staff.  A copy of the documents being prepared was provided to you at the recent July 2019 board meeting.


We would appreciate your electronic vote by August 23, 2019. 


There will be a separate voting request sent to for concurrence on allowing the Executive Committee to review and approve the above referenced Policy Statements and additional Guidance Documents.  The preparation or updating of these same draft documents will be reviewed for input and comments by SME’s on the board.   


Please contact me if you have questions, comments or suggestions. 


Connie Goers


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